How to Restore and Recover Lost Bookmark on Mozilla Firefox

During normal usage of Firefox, you may discover that your Mozilla firefox has suddenly lost your bookmarks. In most cases, the bookmarks are not lost. Losing your bookmark just like you lost all your best friend contacts number. There are a number of reasons that can cause your bookmarks to disappear or suddenly lost from your Mozilla Firefox. The most common reasons is because Mozilla Firefox Web browser is not properly close before power down or restart the computer. Make sure you always close the browser before shutting down or restarting the computer. Another reasons are the bookmarks to disappear problem also be caused by a faulty or misconfigured plugin or extension, or even infected by malware.

This article i will help you restore and recover lost or missing bookmarks. Follow these quick steps.

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox.
2. Click on Bookmarks Menu.


3. Click Show All Bookmarks, Library window will appear.

4. On Library window, Click on “Import and Backup”.
5. Go to “Restore” then select on which date you want to restore.
6. When a message appears asking you to confirm the restore, click “Yes”.