How to Install and use Glances – System Monitor In Ubuntu

There are various default system monitor tools in Ubuntu that come with basic functions. However, there is recommended powerful free monitoring called Glances – An eye on your system. Glances is the monitoring tools that used to monitor GNU/Linux or BSD operating system from a command line interface and it uses the library libstatgrab to retrieve information and it is written in Python. The steps on this post was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 linux.

1. How to install glances on Ubuntu :

ehowstuff@ubuntu14:~$ sudo apt-get install glances -y

2. To start glances simply type glances from command line :

ehowstuff@ubuntu14:~$ glances
There are a lot of information retrieved about the resources of your system such as CPU, Load, Memory, Swap Network, Disk I/O and Processes all in one page, by default the color code means:
GREEN : the statistic is “OK”
BLUE : the statistic is “CAREFUL” (to watch)
VIOLET : the statistic is “WARNING” (alert)
RED : the statistic is “CRITICAL” (critical)

3. By default, interval time is set to ’1‘ second. You can change the interval by issue the following command :

ehowstuff@ubuntu14:~$ glances -t 2

4. Once in the glaces monitoring screen, press h to find out more hot keys to gather output information while glances is running.