How to Download CentOS 5.9 i386 and x86_64 ISO

CentOS is a community-supported, mainly free software operating system based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is an open source operating system distribution based upon the Linux kernel. On 17th January 2013, CentOS has release the update for CentOS 5 which is CentOS 5.9. CentOS 5.9 is the ninth update to the CentOS 5 distribution series. It contains a lot of bugfixes, updates and new functionality. For those who already running CentOS 5.8 or older version of CentOS 5, you can upgrade to CentOS 5.9 by issue the following command :

yum update -y

You can download the ISO using the following URLs :

Download CentOS 5.9 i386 :

Download CentOS 5.9 x86_64 :