How to Clear Firefox Cache, Cookies, History, Saved Forms and Passwords using ATF Cleaner

The Firefox cache temporarily stores images, scripts, and other parts of websites while you are browsing. Below are the explanation of some of Firefox caches and history.

Browsing history: List of web sites you’ve visited.
Saved forms and search history data: Your inputs in online forms and search history bars are saved by the Firefox web browser ONLY if you’ve instructed it to do so.
Cache: The web browser cache contains files from web sites that you’ve visited. These may include HTML pages, images, CSS files etc. So the next time you visit the web site, the browser simply fetches files from the cache (sometimes also known as temporary internet files folder) which helps in quicker display.
Cookies: Cookies are tiny files created by some web sites and stored on your computers’ hard disk.
Saved passwords: Firefox lets you save passwords to online services such as Gmail or Hotmail so that you don’t have to type these again.

I would like to share on how to delete the firefox cache, cookies and all firefox histories including saved form info or password with just a few clicks by using ATF Cleaner. We do not need to go to firefox tools option or click the clear now button on the firefox offline storage. ATF Cleaner is temp file cleaner that could do the job safely and without removing the windows system files. It’s perfectly work on the following operating systems : Windows 2003, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows X

Some Other Useful Features:

  • Cleaning of all user temp folders, administrator only can use this feature.
  • Cleaning of the Java cache, which seems to be harbouring more and more malware.
  • Cleaning for the Opera browser, including Operas cache, cookies, history, download history, saved passwords and visited links

1. Download ATF Cleaner
2. Double Click ATF-Cleaner

3. By default, Main tab will appeared. You need to click Firefox tab
4. Select All in Firefox option
5. Press Empty Selected
6. Exit