How to Capture the Perfect Screenshots on the HTC Desire HD

On this post, i will share with you on how to capture the perfect sceenshoot on HTC Desire HD. This steps is not only for Desire HD, It’s also can be used by other HTC Android Phones.

There are 3 types of software required and must be installed on your PC
1. Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
2. Android software development kit (Android SDK)
3. HTC Sync for HTC Android Phones

On your Computer, please follow these steps in sequence.

1. Download Java SDK here
2. Install JDK

3. Download Android SDK here
4. Install the Android SDK

Click Next to proceed.

Click Next to proceed.

5. After You click Finish –> Choose Package to install will appear.  In this Step you just need to install Android SDK Platform-tools.  Accept only for the first option and reject the other option.  Click Install. [Step No 5. is optional]

6. Download the HTC sync here
7. Install HTC sync to get the correct Google USB driver works.

After completely installed the HTC Sync, It is optionaly whether to start the HTC Sync or not since the current purpose of this guideline is just want to get the Android USB devices installed correctly. All above steps works perfectly with HTC Sync version 3.0.5511 that was released on 2011-01-11.

For information, I have tried to install the Google Android USB driver using Android SDK manager as below screen captured but did’nt work.  At the moment, the latest revision (revision 4) of this Google USB driver was released on December 2010. Its may be works on the future revision.

On the HTC Desire HD

1. Please go to Menu –> Settings –> Applications –> Development –> USB Debuging.

2. Make sure USB Debugging is checked.

Now you are ready to get started.

On your Computer.

Everything has been setup and we will proceed to capture the  screen shots using the DDMS Batch File.This DDMS located in the tools folder of your Android-sdk-windows

1. Go to Program Files –> Android–> android-sdk-windows–> tools

2. Double click ddms batch file

3. On Device menu –> Click Screen capture

Done. Enjoy!!!