How to backup MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin

The are a few way to backup the MySQL database. One of the easiest way is using the phpmyadmin. This only applicable for the database that was installed with phpmyadmin such as LAMP server, Wamp server and XAMPP server. Most of the students or for the development peoples has using this phpmyadmin to administer their database because it’s easy to use and it help us to reduce the common mistakes. Please follow this step to backup the MySQL database.

1. Go to this url:


In the real webhosting, “localhost “should be appear as

2.Select Export Menu and select which database to backup or migrate.

3. At the bottom of the page, select check box “Save as file”, the rename the file such as “wordpress_db.” Make sure that you select the compression type is “zipped” Click Go to proceed.

4. The backup mysql db will be name as “wordpress_db.sql”. Make a copy of this file. We will use this .sql file to import . Proceed to restore MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin.